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The new payments democracy

Subscription and one-off billing with event notifications and easy management. Add and switch gateways to drive business efficiency and continuity – all with no gateway pain.

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Features Include

Flexible Recurring Billing

A built-in recurring billing platform that adds value to your existing gateway provider while not locking you in. Set and modify start-and-end dates, amount, frequency and interval. Credit card & direct debit are supported.

One-off Transaction Processing

Route one-off transactions to any connected gateway with very low transaction rates. Manage recurring and one-off billing through a single-service and reduce cost and effort. Credit card and direct debit are supported.

Gateway Independence

EnvoyRecharge is gateway agnostic. Select and use new gateways or provide a fully redundant payment processing solution. See the gateways for details on which gateways we already support.

Real-time Notifications

Drive better customer and donor experiences with real-time payment event notifications and webhooks. Reduce cost through automated engagement and minimise customer churn.

API like you like it

A comprehensive, semantic and RESTful API that's easy to work with. Reduce your development costs without having to deal with increasing complexity while accepting payments.

Automatic Rebilling

Recover lost revenue with automated re-billing (or dunning) processes to which automatically separate 'hard fails' from 'soft fails'. Only respond to failures you have to.


About us

Started in Australia, EnvoyRecharge is the child of 11 years of sweating it out in the online payments space hoping for a better solution. For the last 2.5 years we’ve been forging a new type of payment service. It’s a payment hub that lets you take payments the way you want – without feeling trapped. Our roots in the not-for-profit space mean we’ve seen every type of online transaction possible. We know what it means to struggle with online payments. EnvoyRecharge will reduce costs, enable greater choice, and bring you a world of opportunity.